Taking the MPRE? Ace it: Here’s how!


ACE IT: Here’s how!

The MPRE typically focuses on where attorneys should draw the line in terms of ethical questions and focuses on the applicability of the rules to the questions fact pattern, as opposed to Professional Responsibilities classes which are more discussion based about what we as attorneys should ethically do.

Tip 1: When you take practice questions, always start by reading the prompt and the answer choices. This will often give you a clearer idea of what the question is about before you dive into the facts.

Tip 2: Read the provided fact pattern carefully.

Tip 3: You may see the question or answer choices contain certain modifiers. Here is a helpful way to understand what they typically mean in practice:

  • “Because” or “Since” or “As”: Reasoning must address and resolve a central issue; facts completely satisfy the reasoning; result is consistent with reasoning
  • “If” or “As long as”: Reasoning need only be plausible under the facts
  • “Unless”: Reasoning must be the only circumstance under which result cannot occur

Tip 4: Pay careful attention to key words in the question. For example, is the attorney subject to criminal or civil sanctions or discipline? Paying attention to this could impact the correct answer.

Tip 5: Further, pay attention to the tiny nuances in the ways the rules are applied to various fact patterns.

Tip 6: Study by practicing and learning from questions. See how the rules are applied in a practical way and understand why you got questions right or wrong. This will make a difference when you get to the test.

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