Taking the February Bar Exam? Three Tips to Keep in Mind.

Taking the February Bar Exam? Three Tips to Keep in Mind.

The winter is the ideal time to study for the bar exam. With cooler temperatures and lots of snowy days, especially in the Northeast and Midwest, it is the perfect excuse to stay cozy indoors and study!!

You may be wondering why I am mentioning exam day or February’s forecast now. I know, it is a few weeks away! Unless, of course, you are in sunny and always seventy Southern California, this time of year does bring some unpredictable weather that should be taken into consideration for test day.

We will discuss exam day logistics at a time closer to the test. Our focus at the moment will be travel tips. For the sake of being totally prepared, here are some valuable idea on travel logistics:

(1) If you are traveling any distance to the exam (for example, NYC to Albany) give yourself a bit of leeway to get there. Perhaps, plan to arrive over the weekend (rather than on Monday). This way you know you are where you need to be for the start of the exam bright and early Tuesday morning.

(2)  If you are taking a train or plane to get to the exam, book in advance and avoid taking one of the last scheduled departures on Monday night. You just never know if your mode of transportation gets delayed or grounded. Also, be aware of any change / cancellation policies.

(3)   If you are staying in a hotel, try to find one that is relatively close to the testing site. The convenience of location will make test day so much easier. Again, book in advance and be aware of the change / cancellation policies.

We are busy preparing for all of the known aspects of the test: learning the substantive law; practicing essays and performance tests; and tackling tricky multiple choice questions. Let’s prepare for the unknown too, and take any unpredictability out of the equation. You’ll be thankful you did on exam day!!

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