100 Days Until the Bar Exam

100 Days Until the Bar Exam

In fitness and in business, the 100-Day Challenge is sweeping the nation. Transform your life, crush your goals, achieve what you want in record time!

What if we applied the 100-Day Challenge to the bar exam? Author, Bill Murphy, Jr., set forth manageable steps (paraphrased below) to achieve any goal.

Step 1: Determine the Goal. Well for us that’s easy: Taking the bar exam.

Step 2: Challenge the Goal. This will help set the requisite motivation and desire that you need to see the goal through.

Step 3: Set Milestones on a Calendar. Murphy recommends 30-day incremental goals and some final goal 10 days before the challenge concludes.

Step 4: Schedule Micro Goals. Smaller steps make accomplishing a larger challenge manageable. Identify specific steps for each day that you need to complete to achieve the milestone.

Step 5: Track Your Progress. Did you accomplish your daily task? Stay accountable.

Take the Bar Exam 100-Day Challenge, and let The High Bar help you on your way! As your tutor, I will create a personalized and adjustable calendar for you, will help you track your progress and stay accountable. Use your valuable study time in an efficient and effective manner to maximize the points you receive when you Hit The High Bar.

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