The High Bar Featured on The More Than Esquires Network

The High Bar™ Featured on The More Than Esquires Network™

This week The High Bar™ and its founder, Alisa Geller, were featured on The More Than Esquires Network™.

The More Than Esquires Network (MTEN) is on a mission to empower, educate and create meaningful connections within the legal community. MTEN is a national community that provides guidance, insight, inspiration, motivation to its members by featuring and sharing stories of exciting careers and roles within and outside the practice of law.

This feature was a great honor, since The High Bar aligns with many of the same principles as the MTEN — providing guidance, insight, inspiration, motivation and support, but within the context of preparing for the bar exam. The High Bar has a strong network of former students around the country who now have thriving careers within and outside of a traditional legal role.

Here is what the MTEN had to say:

“Alisa Geller’s aptitude for teaching was apparent, whether working as a law firm associate, a litigation project manager, or fittingly at a national bar prep company. Alisa turned her passion for helping individuals prepare for the bar exam into a full-time profession by launching The High Bar™ @hitthehighbar. By offering highly personalized lessons with specific study and test taking strategies, she focuses on reinforcement of an individual’s strengths and a targeted plan to address areas of difficulty. These techniques allow Alisa to ensure that each student studies smarter, more effectively, and feels confident when they Hit The High Bar. Learn more at”

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