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Commit to success with 10 hour-long lessons with an expert tutor. Your lessons are entirely personalized to your strengths and weaknesses to make your study time most effective.

Key Features

  • Prior to First Lesson, Initial Phone Assessment including Score Report Review (if applicable)
  • Personalized and Adjustable Calendar
  • Assignments Based on your Needs
  • Substantive Review
  • Detailed, Specific Feedback and Guidance on Individualized Assignments (Essays, MPT, and MBE questions)
  • Two-Day Mini Practical (Day 1: The Mini MEE / MPT; Day 2: The Mini MBE)
  • Pre-exam Quick Hit List
  • Test-taking Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Lessons are conducted in-person (in Manhattan), online (using Skype, Google Hangouts, or Zoom Meeting) or over the telephone.

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